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Donor Recognition

We gratefully recognize all those who have invested in our partnership:

Nightingale Families and Friends: Alex Anderson, Huma Bashir, Richard Begel, Logan and Misty Berk, Barbara and Charles Crabill, Chris Coleman, McGregor and Cathy Compton, Star Darling, Marvin and Ann Duren, Patrick Fields, Terry Fredrich, Mia and Adam Franz, Jessica Glancy, Debbie Grimes, Jim Hilborn, Erich Husemoller, Anna Jeretic, Seton Brown, Don Rea and Kaci King, Delphia Prince Lambdin, Dr. Gary Lau, Shonda Lindeman, Patricia and Russel Milne, Barbara Nightingale, Jeanne Nightingale, Emily Prince, Rev. Ed and Sherry Rich, Susan Skaggs, Christin Temple, Shawn and Jaymee Thomas, Dr. Richard Tolliver, Maria and Bo Wagner, Christina Walters, Pichi and Michael Welsh.


Faculty and Board: Heather Agresta, Michael Blair, Sheila Brown, Erin Burns, Christina Crose, Chelsie Davis, Alexis Gibson, Lisa Gibson, Saundra Gibson, Haley Graham, Andrew and Heather Hahn, Jewell Hall, Cristina Hipp, Stephan and Katrina Hostetler, Malinda Johnson, Alicia Kimbro, Becky Konecki, Natalie Koukis, Todd Kreeger, Krista Lambdin, Mandy Marous, Jared Martin, Brian and Michelle McWhorter, Alexis Nixon, Stephanie Powell, Ladainian Rogers, Wyatt Schindler, Nancy Schwab, Kayla Smith, Blair Taylor, Maria, Rob, and Kyle Taylor, Meg Thompson, Guyia Wilson, Jayne Woodward, Stephanie Woodward, Martha Worrell.


Springfield Businesses: Bryce Hill Concrete and Building Materials, Business Equipment Company, Chipotle, Coleman Tree Service, Home City Bank, Keever Creek Farms, Lowes, Marvin’s Organic Gardens, Office Depot, Perkins Services, Richwood Bank, Springfield Foundation, Wagner Subaru, Wings Microbusiness.