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We are constantly amazed at the variety of life experiences, careers and callings represented by Alums from nearly forty-five years of Nightingale Montessori. We want to hear from you – no matter how many (or few) years you spent learning at Nightingale. (See table from early 2000s below. We need some updates!)

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Jessica Lau and Mia Grimes with Marie


Alumnae and Alumni News From Years 2000
Adam Brezine Practicing Law in San Francisco
Seton Brown Wittenberg University; Drama major
Caitlin Bryan  New New York University ‘03
Davina Clauer University of Toledo ’06: Pre-med: Bio major/ Chem minor
Honey Rose Clauer Clark State Community College: AA Business
Dayton School: State License Medical Massage
Jacob Dibert Urbana Urbana University BA in Business Administration
Substitute Teacher, Springfield City Schools
Enrolled at McGregor, Antioch University
Alex Dixon Sarah Lawrence College
Peter Doss Campbell University, N.C. Professional Golf Management
Eric Eastman Earlham College ’96, Software Developer, Entrepreneur,
Volunteer Richmond Neighborhood Restoration
Richard Gordon Enrolled at Wittenberg University 2003 (50% Scholarship)
Gwen Gray  Evergreen College, BA Journalism
Graduate school at University of Pittsburg ‘03 (non-fiction)
Beth Harris Ohio St Ohio State University
Katy Heaney Ballet school, New York City
Aaron Heskett Miami University
Michael Hock  
Ed Hyde National Merit Scholar 2001 at Earlham College (Track)
Carolyn Kearns  
Lauren Kearns (Sell) Miami University of Ohio ’99. BA in Education
Married 2000. Teacher 5th grade in Minnesota
Alicia Kimbro University of Arizona; Early Child Development
Now teaches at a Montessori School
Kelly McCarty University of Houston, TX (Track scholarship)
Leslie McNeil  
Sam Monroe Ohio State University
Seth Moore  
Marisha Mukerjee Culver Academy
Tyler Ogden Air National Guard; Works at Rose City Manufacturing
Keira Phillip-Schnurer National Merit Scholar Semi-finalist 2002 (college undecided)
Ben Saks Carlton College (major undecided)
Martin Schwab University of Pittsburg, MA in Public & International Affairs
PhD in International Affairs, University of Hawai’i 2012
John Skinner Ohio State University, major in International Business
Elizabeth Smith Community School of Nursing, RN ‘03
Brandon Snow  
Nicole Suzel  
Abigail Wallace