Reimagining Education Since 1978

IV. Thriving in an Interconnected World

The ritual of sharing a meal offers opportunities for children to learn how to live in the world as global citizens. Each week Nightingale holds International Food days and twice a year hosts an International Food Festival. Lessons in the world’s cultural traditions – music and dancing, national dress and food – enriches daily lessons in geography, history, science and language. 

Visiting speakers from foreign lands teach Nightingale families how to prepare and partake in the cuisine of their countries. The dining room features a n extensive collection of figures representing  the many nations of the world.

Nightingale has a sister school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Nightingale High School – which, like Nightingale Montessori, boasts of teaching gardens where the community gathers to learn about regenerative framing, the value of healthy nutrition, and the power of community.