Reimagining Education Since 1978

Opening New Doors to Empower Learning


To meet the diverse needs of Springfield families, our pioneering mission is to showcase a model learning environment that treasures the unique worth of every child. We invite students to fully explore their creative and intellectual potential. As children build early reading and problem-solving skills and study sustainable life systems, they grow the confidence and the initiative they will need to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

For over 45 years, NIghtingale has explored the conditions that foster independent thinking and self-directed learning. Children are encouraged to value themselves and others, develop a sense of personal responsbility toward the world, and mature into compassionate peace-loving adults. The classroom experience at Nightingale is designed to permit a varied learning pace that accommodates multiple  challenge levels while serving as a powerful crucible for impacting social change and promoting high academic achievement.


We are deeply committed to implementing the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori as a paradigm shift in traditional education and as a model for educational reform. We offer an educational method that nourishes self-motivation, inspires reverence for life, and teaches the self-discipline required for responsible citizenship. Success is measured by the child’s continuing enthusiasm for learning.

New seeds are being planted on our campus grounds that will help us grow this fertile dream into a new and ever more fruitful reality. The principles of permaculture design are emblematic of the core values we hold at Nightingale Montessori:

  • The understanding and practice of the stewardship of the earth as a fragile ecosystem.
  • The appreciation of the importance of working together to meet shared goals.
  • The recognition of the intrinsic value of each other’s contribution to the whole.
  • The partaking of the human spirit in the wonder of nature.