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We invite members of our community – Nightingale and their families, friends, alumni, and Springfield businesses – to join our Partnership Campaign. The collective effort and investment of many will bring to life our dream of a model school that can transform our children, and though them our community and our future.

We are thankful for your many generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure. 
Your contribution supports initiatives that tuition alone does not cover.

Tax-Deductible Ways to Donate to Nightingale

  • Contribute My Gift to Whatever is Needed Most
  • Complete Construction of Microbusiness Workshop
  • Help Fund Tuition Scholarships
  • Contribute to Building Improvements
  • Donate to Edible Forest Plants and Seeds for Vegetable Beds
  • Contribute to Display Cabinet to Showcase International Doll Collection
  • Support Publication of Sound Shapes Precision PhonicsTM – 
    Nightingale’s Groundbreaking Literacy Program for Early Readers and Children at Risk for Dyslexia.


DONATE HERE to Nightingale by clicking on the button below.

Thank you!