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“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my personal testimony with regards to our transition into the Nightingale Montessori family. That is exactly how my daughter and I view this school: a family. My daughter started her preschool education at a new build of a public school. We knew it would be a challenge to start this new chapter as she has never been away from my care in her young life. Though it was more difficult than we could have ever imagined. Her relationship with the teaching staff and discipline process was more than an obstacle; it was depriving her from being her authentic self. We decided after a month that it was time to research an alternative. The community agreed that Nightingale Montessori was the BEST in Springfield. In the first 2 weeks they were able to establish her strengths and growth opportunities. She is now thriving and becoming more comfortable with boundaries guided by adults. Thank you for caring, teaching, and guiding my daughter in the most professional and loving manner.”  ~ Kara Cunningham

“I’ve heard so many people say that there is no structure in Montessori and no learning. My son, however, is bringing work like this home in Kindergarten. He was never pushed to do this work; rather they helped nurture his natural abilities. Every moment of Montessori is structured with built-in time for child-led learning. Meaning if Oliver were more interested in doing one piece of work rather than another, he was allowed to do what he was moved to do. Oliver was super interested in bones this year, for example. His school biologist let him spend time with deer bones during science class and he would ID them. Kids identified the fossil & shark teeth that Jared brough to class because they were interested. That is what education is all about. Built-in time to nurture the child’s sense of curiosity. Along with math, science, geography, reading and writing skills, Oliver learned to be kind! He has learned to help his friends and talk it out when they are having hard feelings. He cleans up after himself and helps others if there’s a need. He knows about plants, how to plant them and ID them. He’s learned about cooking and how to prepare foods. So many people are confused about Montessori, but it’s been so wonderful for my kids. They’ve had a beautiful start in life due to their amazing teachers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."  ~ Kayla Smith

“When I first moved to Springfield, I enrolled my child in a local public school. After being dismayed by numerous negative and frustrating experiences with administration-driven issues, Nightingale Montessori provided a beacon of hope. My eldest enrolled there 8 years ago and, through development of her academic, cognitive and social skills, I have become convinced year after year that this was a great decision. I have since enrolled my second child and my youngest will soon join his siblings in what I consider to be not only the best educational option in this area, but a model that should be replicated throughout our national school system. As much as I have seen my own children benefit, I have watched their fellow students continually gain in self confidence and ability as they learned to identify and pursue their own interests, motivated by sincere desire to learn and accomplish rather than merely comply with arbitrary and externally-mandated work. Faculty do not force children to work in lockstep, holding them back in certain areas and prodding them on in others to maintain some sort of industrialized rate of production. Rather, each child pursues an individualized work plan, racing forward in work in which they excel and taking a more measured pace on required work. I have not seen a school either more successful with its students or with a more logically- and scientifically-developed methodology. This is a fantastic school.”  ~ Tracy Gregory-Brown

“Why have I chosen Nightingale Montessori for my child? That’s easy. Nightingale is the most nurturing place for her to be. Hazel will always be surrounded by guidance to quench her thirst for learning and guidelines to solve problems. Every time she goes to
school, she will return home having grown a little in several dimensions.”  ~ Haley Graham

“The choice of Nightingale was the best decision we ever made. Contributing to a new Nightingale facility, even though Mary is almost finished was just a small thank you for all this school has done and a small statement of support, we hope that Nightingale can continue on its path to provide future children with high quality education and to help children be the best they can be, living the wonderful life they deserve."  ~ Shawn and Jayme Thomas

“My daughter, Arden McHugh-Braham, started her school here right after she turned 2 years old and she is 9 now. Being so mature for young age, she thinks critically and compassionately. She is able to think about the lives of other people in situations that are very different than hers in a compassionate way. I admire her ability to be both connected to others and independent at the same time. I value how much respect my daughter has for her teachers. I believe that this comes from the high level of respect teachers show their students. I appreciate that the Montessori model recognizes that learning isn’t about a powerful figure in front of the classroom conveying information, but about the co-production of knowledge & learning between students & teachers in a variety of settings."  ~ Nancy McHugh

“My wife and I are very impressed by rich extra-curricular activities that the school offers despite being such a small school. Often, they invite speakers from other countries to classes to teach about other cultures, not lectures but with engaging activities that encourage students to think independently, critically and ask questions while dancing, learning music, cooking ethnic foods, and handling cultural artifacts brought by speakers. My son Jaden, 7 years old, sang a song in 5 different languages at the school’s international music festival, and students seemed to appreciate and embrace different cultures without judging them. Also, students from other schools joined the school’s field trip so that they could learn from each other while playing outdoors. Jaden learned how to behave peacefully when any conflict arose between friends and to safely stand up to bullying from others and how to get help if needed. ~ Sean Shon

“I have four children who are all enrolled at Nightingale Montessori. My youngest son Austin was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was three years old. He underwent radiation and chemo for 18 months and was struggling to read and learn. We found the key to unlock Austin’s learning in this amazing school. On the other hand, Cameron, our oldest son, tested on the gifted scales, but he was not being challenged enough in the public-school setting. He has finally been able to learn at his academic challenge level here. It is wonderful to watch him grow and not be bored in the classroom.”  ~ Kelly Mefford

“Stella has done wonderfully at Montessori — she loves to learn and is challenged, but her schooling is also fun. It doesn’t feel like work to her. She is learning concepts, like multiplication in math at a very young age. Through the hands-on learning environment. The atmosphere is the biggest difference I see between Montessori and traditional schooling. Kids are kept on task with minimal teacher “yelling”. In traditional schooling, there is a lot of time wasted standing on lines, keeping young kids in order and not allowing them many freedoms. At Montessori it is very different. Kids get their own lunch, are responsible for their own clean up, get to play outside without a million rules to follow!!” ~ Linda Bruce

“Currently an eighth-grade student, Zach has been with Nightingale Montessori for twelve years. Benefiting from Montessori’s Learn-at-your-own-pace education philosophy, Zach can work ahead of his grade level. When he started middle school last year, he enrolled in the College Advantage Program. So far, Zach has finished five college courses, and has been on the Dean’s list for two consecutive semesters. As parents, we were nervous at the beginning; however, Zach channeled what he had learned at Montessori, focusing on the knowledge instead of chasing the grades and concentrating on understanding instead of forced memorization. Because of this, he was able to adjust quickly. Often the youngest in the class, he feels confident and comfortable enough to participate, and he continues to challenge himself.”  ~ Bin Weaver

“My husband and I are also very pleased with the extra-curricular activities. Joseph takes several field trips throughout the year that engage the environment, nature, and culture. For example, the field trips to Meg's farm, other than fun, emphasize kindness towards animals. The field trips are educational as they learn how to prepare foods from the animals and natural environment.”  ~ Natalia Espinosa