Reverence for Learning

requires learning how to learn through the practice of choices in an enriched learning environment.

Creative Expression

is fostered in the trust and confidence born within the diversity of group collaboration.

Critical Thinking

is promoted through a variety of experience and self- evaluation.

Character Building

is stimulated through shared experience and responsible citizenship.


is enhanced by its service in meaningful and relevant activities.

What is Nightingale Montessori?

Nightingale Montessori is a non-profit private school chartered by the State of Ohio Board of Education for innovative programs for toddlers through high school. All of our classes are directed by A.M.S. certified Montessori teachers who teach their highly qualified assistants through NMITE classes. Nightingale Montessori Institute for Teacher Education (NMITE) is nationally accredited by M.A.C.T.E. for pre-primary Montessori training and invites students from the community to apply to its classes.