Toni McCluskey

I chose Nightingale Montessori because I was having issues with the city schools and the way they taught my grandchildren. My grand kids were falling through the cracks. The system was always harsh and reactionary. The city schools had arbitrary benchmarks, like 3rd grade reading proficiency. So my grand kids were struggling and acting out. They couldn’t get their footing.

I’m grateful for Nightingale. The attitude of the instructors, and their patience speaks volumes. The teachers handle discipline well. They make it all about accountability, and they don’t just send kids home. They make them responsible members of their school community. It’s really a night and day difference compared to the city schools. Teachers at Nightingale actually respect the students. That’s at the top of my list of why parents should look into Nightingale. The teachers treat their students like real individuals and encourage the person rather than the grade. Teachers communicate with the students and show them why they are exploring different subjects.

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