Samantha Hicks

“The average American child can recognize 1,000 corporate logos, but can’t identify 10 plants or animals native to his or her own region.”
-From Discover the Forest, the US Forest Service

I am so fortunate that my child excludes this category, not only per his raising but his amazing school, Nightingale Montessori. Their foundation for what education is supposed to be about is crucial to the Child’s mind. I am envious of my four year-old for he already knows so much for being so young. He is now starting to read and recognize words and phrases. I am a proud mother. But I am a saddened American that all children aren’t given the same atmosphere to enjoy learning and expand their mind in so many ways. The system has it backwards and we continue to give them the power.

My children and your children are the future. Let’s give them nature instead of TV and video games, books instead of iPads, true knowledge instead of ways just to get through a school day. We need teach them love instead of hate, and teach them there are no limits for their futures. I want a better world for my kids and for yours.

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