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Sound Shapes Precision Phonics™ is a reading program designed to engage the greatest potential of every student, including those with learning challenges, while it develops the child’s higher order cognitive skills to meet those challenges.

  • Integrates breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience with Maria Montessori’s educational principles.
  • Enlists child’s earliest language learning processes to unlock reading code.
  • Honors child’s innate sense of order and develops critical thinking skills.
  • Emphasizes a sound-driven phonics as opposed to an alphabet-driven phonics, standing the traditional mode of teaching phonics on its head!
  • Teaches child incrementally to match the phonological with the morphological structure of words: sounds with shapes.
  • Introduces irregularities in English spelling and pronunciation only after regular forms are mastered.
  • First steps match the phonetic alphabet of Spanish so both languages can be taught in parallel.
  • Ensures reading success through self-motivation and pride of work.
  • Encourages each child to advance at his/ her own pace, heightening confidence and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Shows unprecedented success in mitigating the symptoms of reading disorders caused by dyslexia and autism, reducing the need for future remedial programs.
  • Offers special application to English-as-Second-Language curriculum.
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