Linda Bruce

Benefits I see are the hands on learning, visually seeing and understanding concepts and learning at your own pace.

Stella has done wonderfully at Montessori — she loves to learn and is challenged, but her schooling is also fun. It doesn’t feel like work to her. She is learning concepts, like multiplication in math at a very young age. Through the hands on learning environment – she understands the concepts.

The atmosphere is the biggest difference I see between Montessori and traditional schooling. Kids are kept on task with minimal teacher “yelling”. In traditional schooling there is a lot of time wasted standing on lines, keeping young kids in order and not allowing them many freedoms. At Montessori it is very different – kids get their own food at lunch, are responsible of their own clean up, get to play outside without a million rules to follow !!

I have been very happy with NM.

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