Kelly Mefford

I have four children and they are all enrolled at Nightingale Montessori. We came to Nightingale because Dr. Duffee recommended the Sound Shapes reading program for our youngest son Austin. Austin was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was three years old. He underwent radiation and chemo for 18 months. Because Austin’s brain was irradiated at such a young age, it affected his ability to learn. When we started Nightingale that year Austin was struggling to read. When my husband and I toured the school and saw that each child was able to learn at their own ability level we knew we found the key to unlock Austin’s learning. But, it also became clear as we toured the school that Nightingale was a great fit for the rest of our children too. Cameron, our oldest son, tested on the gifted scales, but he was not being challenged enough in the public school setting, My husband and I also thought Nightingale would be a great fit for our other two children as well. As it turned out, we were right.

Over the last year we have watched our children flourish at Nightingale. Austin went through the Sound Shapes Program and as a result he has passed the Third Grade Reading Test. When Austin started his second grade year in public school we were concerned because we saw him falling behind his classmates academically. But, since we came to Nightingale, Austin has been given the opportunity to work at his own academic level. It is a relief for us, as Austin’s parents, to know that now Austin is right on grade level despite all of the radiation he received at three.

Our oldest, Cameron, has finally been able to learn at his academic challenge level. It is wonderful to watch him grow and not be bored in the classroom.

Nightingale has been a great environment for our children to grow academically. We are very grateful to for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing school.

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