Grants and Awards

Children’s Hunger Alliance – Summer Feeding Program - 2017


The Children’s Hunger Alliance partners with family child care providers, daycare centers, school districts and afterschool and summer nutrition programs to help provide healthy meals and snacks for children in their care, as well as nutrition and physical education to children and their families.

Bonnie’s Cabbages - 2016


In 1996 Bonnie Plants initiated the 3rd Grade Cabbage Program in Union Springs, Alabama with a mission to inspire a love of vegetable gardening in young people and grow our next generation of gardeners. By 2002 the program grew to become a national endeavor. NM participates every year. Bonnie sends free O.S. Cross, or oversized cabbage plants to the Eagle class. When nurtured and cared for, students can cultivate and grow giant cabbages.

Chef Anne Project Produce - 2016


Project Produce launched in 2014 by the Chef Ann Foundation and superfoods company, Healthy Skoop. Project Produce helps schools increase kids’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables and provides nutrition education through fun lunchroom learning activities. The grant program is designed to help create experiential nutrition education when and where students make their food choices: in the lunch room. The $2,500 one-year grants support food costs to incorporate fruit and vegetable tastings into the school’s nutrition program. The goals of Project Produce are to expand students’ palates and to increase their consumption of fresh produce.

National Wildlife Federation – Wrigley Litter Less Eco Schools - 2016


The “Litter Less” Campaign is being implemented in 15 countries including the United States and aims to engage and educate American children and young people on the issues of litter, encouraging them to make positive choices. Children run the Litter-Less campaign through the Eco-Schools program. They implement actions to reduce litter and share their experiences with other participating countries on the Eco-Schools Litter Less campaign website.

Ohio Department of Agriculture, Department of National Resources - 2016


The Ohio Department of Agriculture Department of Natural Resources donated numerous plants for our outdoor area.

Samull Classroom Herb Grant from the International Herb Society - 2016


The Herb Society of America provided “Seed Money” to establish an indoor or outdoor herb garden. The funds were used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, child or youth sized tools, etc.

Wagner Subaru and Subaru Loves the Earth Grant - 2016


To help reconnect younger generations with nature and ensure wildlife can trhive in a rapidly changing world, Subaru supports the National Wildlife Federation by donating garden supplies and native plants to local schools across the country to create their own Certified Wildlife Habitat. Wagner Subaru was matched with NM to provide the four basic elements that all wildlife needs to thrive: food, water, cover and places to raise their young. In addition, we received an instructional video that teaches educators and students how they can help reverse the decline of wildlife in our local communities.

HealthierUS School Challenge – Bronze Award - 2015


The HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms is a voluntary certification initiative recognizing those schools enrolled in Team Nutrition that have created healthier school environments through promotion of nutrition and physical activity.

Healthy Cuisine for Kids Culinary Lab - 2015


This summer, NM members, Maria Taylor and Stephanie Woodward traveled to Norwood, OH to work with Chef Brenda, Chef Roger and Trainer, Bernadette. Through the State of Ohio NM received a grant for this training. We practiced “Mise En Place” (very Montessori) as we tried many newly created recipes for healthy school lunches. Our staff was treated to some of these delicious recipes and many are now part of our Gourmet Grub Menu. Students participate in the NM cooking program and are creating these meals daily.

Team Nutrition - 2015


Grantees will use these funds for a variety of purposes including training in menu planning, food preparation, nutrition education, and local school wellness policies. At the completion of the grants, the best practices and materials developed with these grants will be shared with all states so they may also benefit from the investment.

Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seed Company - 2014, 2016


Baker Creek carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century, “The company has become a tool to promote and preserve our agricultural and culinary heritage.” We plan to travel to Baker’s Creek and offer a “Nightingale Thank You “ in person!  Please click here to learn more about this great company.

Clark County Waste Management District - 2014, 2015, 2016


Nightingale Montessori has reduced its waste, improved its garden harvest, and incorporated these activities into students’ learning through a program that has received support from the Clark County Solid Waste District. The District provided grants in 2015 and 2017 for the supplies and equipment for the school’s composting program. Stephanie Woodward, head chef and Farm to School Coordinator, said Nightingale has diverted thousands of pounds of waste from the landfill and used almost half a ton of finished compost.

School Garden - 2014


Our application supports the development and current maintenance of the various NM garden projects on our school grounds that will engage children with fresh fruits and vegetables over the summer months. Our garden project is at the stage of development (planning, construction and operation). We were selected as a grant recipient for our dedication to projects that demonstrate strong buy-in from stakeholders, (you – our awesome NM community), as well as the demonstration of our ability to financially sustain the garden. Stephanie Woodward and Cristina Hipp will spearhead this endeavor. Interested students will be able to work in the gardens in the summer – planting and maintaining as we learn. We will also visit and work at Heron Berry Hill Farm (Meg’s Farm). We will harvest what we grow to utilize in our cooking program throughout the school year. In addition to growing our own herbs, many different vegetables, we are also planning to preserve green beans and with lots of tomatoes – make our own Spaghetti Sauce!

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