Future School


We envision a new or retrofitted environmentally sustainable design that will serve as a model for other school projects in the county and across the state. Consideration will be given to how the indoor spaces relate architecturally to outdoor spaces through generous day lighting, inner courtyards, and exposed timber. Filled with sunlight, the rooms will look out on a wooden landscape planted with rain gardens and natural wetlands, orchards and organic vegetable gardens. Views of natural landscapes significantly improve all children’s disposition and ability to focus. Such learning spaces are more conductive to interactive and small group learning, the hallmark of a Montessori education. When children work in an environment that is intellectually and artistically alive, warm and stimulating, they will spontaneously question and explore ideas in new and creative ways. Well designed learning environments send a powerful message to kids about the importance their community places on education.

2525 N. Limestone will now be the future site of Nightingale Montessori! We are gearing up for the official start of our capital campaign and welcome all participants from dreamers to donors! We must raise $500,000 to meet school code standards and renovation requirements to move in and live happily ever after! We hope to raise the needed funds quickly in order to enjoy the beautiful spacious building and grounds as soon as possible.

Note: Paypal charges our organization 2.2% of all donations made online. If you would like to help us avoid this charge, you can send a check to 1106 E. High St. Springfield OH, 45505 addressed to “Nightingale Montessori” with the memo “Future School” or contact us for more options.
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