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Nightingale Montessori is deeply committed to implementing the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori as a paradigm shift in traditional education and as a model for educational reform.

Nightingale Montessori offers an educational method that nourishes self-motivation, inspires reverence for life, and teaches the self-discipline required for responsible citizenship. Success is measured by the child’s continuing enthusiasm for learning.

Our ultimate goal is to build a model educational system (Pre K-12) that can be used as a demonstration site for the purpose of enacting crucial education and social reforms so needed in our nation’s public schools today.

Core Values

The values that are held and practiced at Nightingale Montessori are grounded in a firm belief that every child’s intelligence manifests itself naturally from birth as a lively fascination and curiosity about the world around him. We design learning experiences in which all children can succeed. This instills a sense of confidence and resourcefulness that serves them throughout their lives.

An Enriched Environment

When children grow up in an environment that is intellectually and artistically alive, warm and stimulating, they spontaneously ask questions and explore ideas in creative ways. The capacity of a young mind to absorb information from the environment and comprehend new concepts and skills is one of nature’s greatest wonders.


The strength of the Nightingale Method lies in the studied ability of its teachers to diagnose and assess children’s individual learning needs, develop age-appropriate measures of evaluation, and plan programs that accommodate the diversity of interests, experience levels, and socio-cultural backgrounds of every child.

Parents will notice some very striking differences between the Montessori approach to learning and traditional education. The Montessori method is designed to teach children basic skills and information. Students are encouraged at a very young age to learn to trust their own ability to think and solve problems independently. The goal of teachers is to lead students to think for themselves and become actively engaged in the learning process.

Although Nightingale Montessori embraces the reform ideal of individualized learning, we will not sacrifice the time-honored rigors of a traditional education. Weighing the best of both models, we make it our mission to build self-discipline, stimulate high achievement, and practice awareness of personal responsibility.

Reform Values at NM
  • Reverence for learning
  • Individualized assessment
  • Learning how to learn
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Practice making choices
  • Creative expression
  • Enriched learning environment
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Individualized education
  • Reverence for life
Traditional Values at NM
  • Acquisition of basic skills
  • Frequent assessment
  • High achievement
  • Competency/proficiency
  • Highly-scripted curriculum
  • Mastery of sequential steps
  • High-order/critical thinking
  • Discipline (self-discipline)
  • Building character
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Appreciation of diversity
Reform Methods at NM
  • Matching teaching to ability
  • Self-evaluation
  • Seminars and debates
  • Collaborative group learning
  • Conflict resolution technique
Traditional Methods at NM
  • Scripted Curriculum
  • Scheduled group classes
  • Mandatory discipline
  • Some lecture experience
  • Competition (by choice)
  • Proficiency tests
Reform Methods Rejected
  • Lack of structure
  • Unaccountability
  • Invented spelling
Traditional Methods Rejected
  • Homework overload
  • Comparative grading
  • Reward /punishment incentives

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