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Donor Doves - 2016 to 2017


We envision a new or retrofitted environmentally sustainable design that will serve as a model for other school projects in the county and across the state. Consideration will be given to how the indoor spaces relate architecturally to outdoor spaces through generous day lighting, inner courtyards, and exposed timber. Filled with sunlight, the rooms will look out on a wooden landscape planted with rain gardens and natural wetlands, orchards and organic vegetable gardens. Views of natural landscapes significantly improve all children’s disposition and ability to focus. Such learning spaces are more conductive to interactive and small group learning, the hallmark of a Montessori education. When children work in an environment that is intellectually and artistically alive, warm and stimulating, they will spontaneously question and explore ideas in new and creative ways. Well designed learning environments send a powerful message to kids about the importance their community places on education.

In appreciation to our first Donor “Doves”:

  • Dr. Gary Lau
  • Samantha J. Welsh Memorial Fund
  • Reverend Ed and Sherry Rich
  • Barbara Nightingale
  • Patricia and Russell Milne
  • Don Rea and Kaci King
  • Loretta McNeil
  • Melissa Schindler
  • Ellen Witt-Dawson
  • Patty Dibert
  • Barbara Konecki
  • Shawn and Jaymee Thomas
  • Richard Begel
  • Ted and Stephanie McClain
  • Amy Johnson-Smith
  • Christy Brossman
  • Kohls Cares
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles in Fairborn
  • Chakeres Theater
  • Sip & Dipity

General Mills Box Tops Award - 2014


Many NM Families (90 of the 100 free tickets were claimed!) attended the Cincinnati Reds Baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. NM accepted a check from the General Mills Box Tops Program for $1000 and a check for 10,000 Box Top Points. Cole Taylor threw the first pitch to his father, Rob, the catcher. Grandma Great (Great grandmother (95) to Wings, Cole and Kyle Taylor and Eagle, Ethan Soto), an avid Cincinnati Reds fan, was met on the field by both mascots and was able to see her favorite pitcher, Mike Leake, pitch a great game and score the only run for the Reds that night. Cole Taylor was honored to wear a Cincinnati Reds baseball hat signed by Pete Rose and given to his Great Grandma Taylor (whom he was not able to meet in his lifetime) during her years as an avid baseball fan. NM Families enjoyed the game, the comradery and the great weather! Twenty members of NM were able to see the after game fireworks celebration from the Visitor’s Dugout and all NM members were treated to a fantastic fireworks show! It was a great night enjoyed by many!

OSFC Safety - 2014


NM was granted a School Safety Grant that will be used to install the Tattletale School Panic Button System from Argus Protective Solutions for an extra layer of security. The system has a silent alarm that is used to notify authorities if an emergency dictates such action. The grant covers the delivery and set up of the system, the instruction and training for using the system, testing and organization with our local police and contact system, monthly testing of our system and a back up battery and low power contact if power is lost or interrupted. The system provides mobile units for staff to carry when outside of the school building or off grounds within range of the system.

Parents and Friends of Nightingale Montessori, Samantha J. Welsh Memorial - 2004 - Present


The Samantha J.Welsh Memorial Fund is a tribute to a Nightingale Montessori student, Samantha Julia Welsh, who before her untimely death at the age of nine, contributed richly to the life of the school. The spirit of this child continues to inspire us all to reach beyond the bounds of our imagination and confront the challenges ahead with new vision and purpose. To realize this vision, Nightingale Montessori has initiated the preliminary phase of a capital campaign to secure a larger facility. The Samantha J. Welsh Memorial has been a valuable contributor to our latest challenge for the future.

REV, ED and SHERRY RICH of Florida, parents of alumna, MELISSA of Colorado have donated $10,000 in the autumn of 2015. Sherry had been a beloved pre-school aide in the early days of Nightingale Montessori. We were so honored to be remembered through all the intervening decades!The donation allowed a conference of over sixty stakeholders to meet to discuss an expansion and upgrade of Nightingale Montessori facilities. SHP LEADING DESIGN architects from Cincinnati brought us many building ideas from which to choose the qualities we sought to replicate. All the sun- drenched rooms, student gardens and the wooded playscape from this Charette inspired the daunting way forward to follow.

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