Ages 9 – 12





The Owls are the Upper Elementary class that consists of students in grades 4th, 5th, and 6th. The challenges that face the Owls include the application of learned skills to new situations, the study of subjects in more depth and breadth, the requisites of personal organization, accountability, time and resource management.

Academic work includes laboratory work and problem solving skills in mathematics, English literature, writing workshop, history from prehistoric man to 20th-century America, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, ecology, Spanish, Chinese, and computer programming. Service work provides opportunities to explore Identity and values.

Students of this age seek knowledge in the form of facts and the relation to the context in which they function. Their insatiable quest is given focus through student-directed research projects and research-oriented field trips. Each year there are six five week sessions of academic work followed by an “Explore Week”.

The learning environment is designed to provide maximum opportunity for self-direction, skill building, development of accuracy, diligence, and judgement, ensuring each student succeeds to his full potential.

Individual research projects are carefully monitored, evaluated and recorded to ensure progress. The curriculum is designed to allow flexibility and accommodate every student’s own abilities and interests.

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