Ages 12 – 14




The Falcon class is made up of students in the junior high in grades 6, 7, and 8. These students consistently display independence in their academic endeavors at Nightingale Montessori. They are able to organize a schedule including open work time to fit their needs and meet their personal goals. Everyday they are discovering new knowledge and applying it to new situations. Falcon students are able to delve as deeply as they want in subjects of mathematics, English literature, language arts, writing, prehistory to 20th-century history, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, ecology, art, and the Chinese language. Students are encouraged to explore unique passions outside of these subjects as well, and can participate in online electives covering a multitude of subjects.

Each year there are six five week sessions of academic work followed by an Explore Week. Explore Week is a great time for students to do large volunteer projects in the school or to benefit the greater Springfield community. Some of our favorite volunteer sites include the Humane Society and various food banks serving our town. This is a great time for field trips (often planned by the students themselves) that fulfill a desire to connect with the outside world and apply our knowledge in brand new ways. During Explore Week, students are given extra time to process and discuss their goals and development as a student, as well as their journey through adolescence.

The learning environment is designed to provide maximum opportunity for self-direction, skill building, development of accuracy, diligence, and judgement, ensuring each student can succeed to his full potential.

Individual research projects are carefully monitored, evaluated and recorded to ensure progress. The curriculum is designed to allow flexibility and accommodate every student’s own abilities and interests.

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