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Alumni are invited to join the group “Nightingale Montessori Alumni” on Facebook. A partial list of academic institutions and careers pursued by Nightingale Montessori alumni is included below:

Annie Alexander. B.S., Nursing, Wright State University.
Lynsey Ayers. Wittenberg University, 2010. Wright State University, 2012.
Dusty Baker. Dayton, OH. Store Manager at Journeys.
Hira Bashir. at Ohio State University.
Sara Boetcher. Capital University, 2012.
Jessica Braggs. Kettering, OH. Mom.
Adam Brezine. Sausalito, CA. B.A., Colorado College, 1994. J.D., University of Notre Dame Law School. Lawyer.
Damien Brown. Columbus, OH. Maintenance.
Erin Brown. Wilmington, OH. Quality Control at Dealertrack.
Seton Brown. New York City, NY. B.F.A. in Theater, Wittenberg University. M.F.A. in Acting, American Conservatory Theater, 2007. Software Engineer at Ziff Davis Tech, Web Developer at Practice Fusion, and Actor. See also Sue Shellenbarger, “Career Makeover: From Actor to Web Engineer,” Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
William Brown. Antioch University, 2009.
Caitlin Bryan. Film and Television, New York University, 2007. NBC Universal.
Chanel Campos. Anniston, AL. Dental Assistant.
Teressa Carver. Alaska, AK. Fort Lewis College, 2009. Medical Internship Years.
Andy Chapman. Tampa Bay, FL. Financial Planning Consultant, Graham Group.
Davina Clauer. Englewood, OH. Pre-medicine, Biology and Chemistry, University of Toledo, 2006. Plant Quality Manager at ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Austin Cole. Medellin, Colombia. Investigador Extranjero at University of Antioquia.
Nathania Dallas. Yellow Springs, OH. Mental Health Technician.
Aaron Davenport. Ohio State University, 2012.
Anne Davidson. Lewiston, ID. Ph.D., Washington State University.
Julie Davis. Dayton Children’s Hospital.
Jacob Dibert. Springfield, OH. B.S., Business Administration, Urbana University. McGregor School, Antioch University, 2001. Substitute Teacher, Springfield City Schools.
Alex Dixon. Berkeley, CA. Music and Literature, Sarah Lawrence College. Computer Game Designer in the "Silicon Valley".
Peter Doss. Campbell University. Professional Golf Management.
Robin Duffee. International Relations, Indiana University, 2011.
Eric Eastman. Richmond, IN. Earlham College, 1996. Co-founder of Green Filing, LLC.
Ruth Ellen Smith. Zanesville, OH.
Grant Friedberg. at Clark State Community College.
Melissa Garber. Central Michigan University, 1996.
Alisha Genetin. Springfield, OH. At Wittenberg.
Alexis Gibson. Springfield, OH. At Wittenberg.
Royston Gordon. Wittenberg University, 2012.
Richard Gordon III. Washington D.C., DC. B.A., Psychology, Wittenberg University, 2007. M.A., Applied Behavioral Science, Wright State University, 2010. Student at Howard University College of Medicine, Research Associate at Vision Genomics, LLC.
Alex Graham. Milan, IL. At Western Illinois University.
Haley Graham. Springfield, OH. At Wittenberg.
Madison Graham. Milan, IL. Student in High School.
Gwen Gray. B.A., Journalism, Evergreen College. University of Pittsburgh, Non-fiction.
Dakota Gregory-Brown. Belbrook, OH. UPS.
Mia Grimes. Ohio State University, 2011.
Beth Harris. Ohio State University.
Katy Heaney. Purchase College, State University of New York.
Aaron Hesket. Miami University, 2006. Certified Public Accountant.
Ryan Heskett. Wright State University, 2008.
Emma Holman Smith. Yellow Springs, OH. Ohio University (Sierra Student Coalition).
Michael Hoskett. Yellow Springs, OH. Wittenberg University, 2009. Animal Science at OSU.
Ed Hyde. National Merit Scholar, Yellow Springs High School. Earlham College, 2001.
Spencer Jordan. Yellow Springs, OH. Wingate by Windham.
Carolyn Kearns. Interdisciplinary Fine Arts and American Studies, St. Olaf College, 2006.
Lauren Kearns. MN. B.A., Education, Miami University, 2000. Teacher.
Alicia Kimbro. Phoenix, AZ. Education, Arizona State University, 2005. Child Crisis Arizona, Mission Montessori Schools and Sigma Gamma Rho.
Liza Knowlton Sullivan. Rouchester, NH.
Alex Kreidenweis. Willimatic, CT. Employed by University of Connecticuit.
Sam Kreidenweis. Arizona, AZ. University of Dayton, 2010. Baritone at Anuna.
Eva Legos. Beavercreek, OH. Recent Graduate of UD.
Ali Lehmenkuler. Springfield, OH. Graduate School WSU.
Mike Lehmenkuler. Springfield, OH.
Lyric Lincoln. New York, NY. Model.
Joya Mukergee Louge. Chicago, IL. Biology and Psychology, St. Mary’s College, University of Notre Dame, 1998. Founder and Designer of joyababy.
Katherine Loukoumidis. Springfield, OH. Makes Jewelry.
Kelly McCarty. University of Houston.
Kelly McCarty Rodriguez. Oldsmar, FL. Agency Owner Allstate Insurance.
Drew McEnaney. University of Cincinnati, 2013.
Leslie McNeil. Springfield, OH. NM Mom and Alum.
Stephanie Miller. TX. Lone Star College, 2008. Realtor.
Katie Minter. Abu Dabi. Wittenberg University, 2011. Teacher at Al Sanawbar School.
Sam Monroe. Springfield, OH. Ohio State University. Systems Admin at Momentive.
Marisha Mukerjee. Los Angeles, CA. M.A., Art History, Criticism and Conservation, University of St. Andrews, 2006; M.F.A., Playwriting and Screenwriting, Northwestern University, 2011. Television and Film Writer.
Tyler Ogden. OH. Ohio Air National Guard.
Johnny Pamplin. New York City, NY. B.S., Biology and Pre-Medicine, Morehouse College, 2010. Student at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Joe Parsley. Wright State University, 2010.
Stephanie Pearl Mueller. Houston, TX. Real Estate Assistant.
Keira Philipp-Schnurer. Albuquerque, NM. B.A., English, Ohio Wesleyan University, 2008; M.A., Latin American Studies and Community and Regional Planning, University of New Mexico, 2010. Works at University of New Mexico.
Saad Rangiwala. Case Western Reserve University, 2012.
Honey Rose Clauer. San Antonio, TX. A.A., Business, Clark State Community College. State Licensure, Dayton School of Medical Massage. Nurse.
Ben Saks. Carlton College. Computer Programmer.
Jeremy Saks. Athens, OH. Communications, Dennison University, 2005. Music Production and Engineering, Berklee College of Music, 2007. Teaching Assistant at Ohio University.
Martin Schwab. Morelos, Mexico. B.A., History, University of Dayton, 1995. M.P.I.A., International Security Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 2002. Ph.D., Political Science (International Relations), University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2012. Process Designer, 3×3 Global Drills™.
John Skinner. International Business, Ohio State University.
William Skip Brown. Yellow Springs, OH. Project Manager at Bahnsen Gallery and Chief Financial Officer at the Legendary Roofing.
Beth Ann Smith. Odgen, UT. Clinical Dietitian.
Elizabeth Smith. Springfield Regional School of Nursing, 2003.
Ruthie Smith. Louisville, KY. Coroner.
Adam Stapleton. Dayton, OH. Driver for Decker Truck Line Inc.
Sophia Stevens. Springfield, OH. Beautician.
Liza Sullivan. San Diego State University, 1996.
Nicole Suzel. Wittenberg University, 2010.
Cole Taylor. Atlanta, GA. Student at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Maria Taylor. Education Director at Nightingale Montessori.
Lilith Todd. Clifton, OH. Attending Brown University.
Mike Walsh. Springfield, OH.
Allie Young. Tampa, FL. MS Spanish Teacher.
Carolyn Young. Springfield, OH. Marketing at Springfield Regional Hospital.
Willie Young. Bowling Green State University, 2010. Logistic Sales at R2 Logistics.
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