Ages 6 – 9





Work in the Eagle classroom involves the transition from concrete to more abstract learning. Reading fluency, refining handwriting, computer keyboarding, math operations, and memorization offer challenge areas for the 6 to 9-year old.

The vastness of the Cosmos is given as a subject to ponder and investigate. The care of the laboratory becomes the students’ responsibility. They enjoy their first lessons in astronomy, physics, botany, zoology, physical and social geography, and engage in research projects, independent studies, and creative arts. Much emphasis is placed on the study of biomes on the planet earth. Eagles work to perfect the arts of self-government, personal record keeping, and conflict resolution.

The “Wax Museum” offers each student a chance to research, classify life forms, different cultures, or episodes in the history of technology. This major project is offered to the whole school and family community for their edification.

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