Policies and Procedures


Nightingale Montessori is committed to keeping its tuition Below the 2012 Ohio State average per-pupil expenditure ($11,030). The New America Foundation reported that the national average per pupil expenditure in 2011 was $13,096. The school honors and celebrates cultural diversity. It recruits and admits all students to its programs and activities regardless of IEP goals, race, religion, national and ethnic origin. This inclusion policy also pertains to the hiring of personnel.

Schedule of Tuition

Pre-School and Kindergarten
  • Mornings: 9:00 – 12 Noon Tuition: $4,925.00
  • All Day: 8:30 – 3:00 PM * Tuition: $7,700.00
Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs
  • Tuition: $7,700.00
  • Hours: Eagles (Grades 1-3) 8:00 – 3:00 PM* Owls, Falcons and Wings (Grades 4-12) 8:00—3:00*

*On Fridays all programs will dismiss at 2:00 for Staff Meetings.


Ed Choice Scholarship

Opens Feb 1st. To apply for this scholarship, the student must attend a school that is academically failing per Ohio Department of Education Standards

Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship

Opens Feb 1st. To apply for this scholarship, the student doesn’t  need to attend a school which is academically failing but can only qualify for this if they meet the current year poverty guidelines.

Jon Peterson Scholarship

Opens Feb 1st – April 15th. Student will need to be on an IEP to apply for this scholarship

Autism Scholarship

Opens April 1st. Student will need to have an diagnosis to apply for this scholarship

Payment and Fees

One Payment

Tuition and Fees paid in full by Aug. 1. $500 off on every first child.

Three Payment Plan
  • Payment #1 due August 1*. 40% of total amount due less deposit paid.
  • Payment #2 due November 1*. 30% of total amount due.
  • Payment #3 due March 1*. 30% of total amount due.
Ten Payment Plan

Payments #1-10 due the first* of each month, August through May. Service fee for Ten Payment Plan is $100.00

Additional Discounts and Fees

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required per-student enrollment and will be deducted from the final payment. This deposit will be forfeited should the student withdraw before the end of the year.

Sibling discounts and 1 payment discounts are available. Tuition will be pro-rated for early withdrawal and late admittance.

Please ask about the fees for Before and After School Care, School lunch program, Field trips , Extra-curricular classes

* – Payments made after the 10th of the month will be charged a late fee of $35.00. Returned checks will be charged a fee of $40.00. These charges will automatically be added to the account.

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