How to Enroll

We encourage you to schedule a tour prior to enrolling your child. Here are a few questions we can answer on your tour of Nightingale Montessori:
  • Does Nightingale Montessori prepare your child for the Real World?
  • How does Nightingale Montessori encourage personal achievement, leadership, self mastery, and pride of work?
  • How does Nightingale Montessori assess children without constant testing and grading?
  • Can Nightingale Montessori students be high achievers without doing excessive homework?
  • What are the benefits of self-motivation and critical thinking?
  • What is the purpose of anaesthetically pleasing and stimulating learning environment?
  • How does Nightingale Montessori put into practice its emphasis on inclusion and diversity?
  • How do students participate in community life?
  • How does Nightingale Montessori encourage personal discipline and good study habits?
  • How does Nightingale Montessori provide for both collaborative and individual work?
  • How does the Nightingale Montessori curriculum compare with the State of Ohio mandated curriculum
For more information on school tours or enrollment, please call 937-324-0336 during business hours, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday during the school year. Our hours in June and August are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The office is closed in July for new business. Appointments in July are initiated by the office only.

We gladly accept students on the autism spectrum, Jon Peterson, and Ed Choice Scholarships. We can help you with processing IEP transfers, school transfers, and tuition payment plans. All students on an I.E.P. must meet with the class head teacher and class interventionist for an interview as an initial step to enrollment. This consultation will insure that NM will be able to confidently service all the requirements before acceptance.

Nightingale Montessori  offers individualized pace programs which make it ideal for students with autism who may require self-pace for various subjects. This is the basis for our extensive and successful Autism Provider service. However, there are some spectrum disorders that we are not able to service. We regret that NM does not aide with ABA or rewards therapy, in toilet training, tolerate repeated biting or other spontaneous violent attacks, nor habitual student refusal of adult given directions. If any of the above behavioral needs become evident, parental intervention and probable withdrawal will ensue.

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